Company Profile 

Phoenix Originality Exhibition is a company specializing in conference andexhibition organization services. Founded in September 2001, we areone of the first independent organizers of large-scale conferences andexhibitions in Xiamen. Meanwhile,we are one of the first key enterprises in the exhibition industry as listed bythe Ministry of Commerce, the executive member of ChinaConvention/Exhibition/Event Society, the vice president of Xiamen Conventionand Exhibition Association, and the deputy secretary general of JinanConvention and Exhibition Association.

Inthe past 18 years, we have leveraged our strong organizational skills to standardized operations and build a sound service system,and made our name in China as a conference and exhibition organizer withadvanced business philosophy and excellent reputation. Upholding the philosophyof “Serving the Industry, Seeking Common Development”, we are dedicated toestablishing industry platforms, promoting corporate trade exchanges, andbuilding the best domestic brand of agricultural exhibition.

We make it our mission to build brand-nameexhibitions through market-oriented approaches, undertaking a dozen exhibitionprojects every year. In 2018, our total exhibition area exceeded 500,000m2, of which 100,000 m2 was occupied in asingle project, with more than 200,000 professional visitors, was rated as theAAAAA Exhibition in the agricultural industry.

Thecompany currently boasts a total of 150 employees from departments of business,planning, audience organization (merchants center), international affairs,design, engineering, information, finance, human resources and administration. Inorder to further tap the market and achieve sustainable development, we set upa number of subsidiaries, including Jinan Fushan Conference and ExhibitionService Co., Ltd. in 2010, Xiamen Zhongyi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. in 2014,Xiamen Zemu Creative Exhibition Co., Ltd. in 2017 (engaged in overseasexhibition projects), and Hefei Fushan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. in 2018. Asour business expands, we will establish independent projects in majoragricultural provinces and capital cities.

Core advantages

Professional organization level – The company hasstrong experience and strength in market-oriented operation of the exhibition;it has established the corporate brand in domestic exhibition industry owing togood reputation and excellent services; it has rich experience in theexhibition organization, with adequate reserve oftalents and a well-trained, capable and excellent exhibition serviceteam.

High-qualitysocial resources - The company has maintained long-term good cooperation withthe government, industrial associations, media, industrial experts, andorganizations related to logistics, tourism service, etc. The company hasestablished a good reputation in the industry; It is good at integratingindustry resources and building professional exhibition platforms.

Uniqueadvantage in information technology - The company attaches great importance toIT construction, and owns its own network engineers. It aims at building aneffective online and offline exchange trading platform for exhibitors, byimplementing normalized, standardized and networked management of OA, CRM,etc., integrating online and offline information resources, and utilizing dataresources and professional business process accumulated for years.

Abundantindustry data resources - The company has long been concerned about theindustry’s information and dynamic development. It has maintained goodcooperation and exchange relationship with research institutions, managementauthorities and well-known enterprises. The company is very practical, prospective and creative, when it comes to exhibitionand event planning.