[news] Phoenix exhibition in the thirteenth Chinese exhibition industry annual meeting won awards

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China won the Tea Expo

The "ten professional exhibition" China Awards

Ms. Jiang Hongbing was chairman of the Phoenix Convention

The title of "outstanding entrepreneur of China exhibition industry"

In December 14th, the "2016 Chinese exhibition industry annual conference and annual awards ceremony held in Shanghai. The general assembly by the China Exhibition Research Association vice president Li Yongjiang chaired the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, the Shanghai municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Zhou Hanmin General Assembly speech, hope exhibition industry can follow the four national strategy, service economy and people's livelihood. Honorary president of the International Federation of exhibition Chen Xianjin, vice president of the China Association for the study of the exhibition will be held in, chairman of the Guangdong Convention and Exhibition Association, and many other experts, entrepreneurs published a wonderful keynote speech on behalf of. The leaders of the more than and 50 national convention and exhibition cities, hundreds of exhibition industry entrepreneurs and executives, experts and scholars attended the annual meeting.
        In the afternoon, the General Assembly held a "2016 year Chinese exhibition industry annual awards ceremony" ceremony presided over by the "first exhibition" editor Xiao Gang, warm and peaceful atmosphere. A number of exhibition cities, a number of exhibitions and entrepreneurs, due to outstanding contributions, outstanding achievements by the National Convention and exhibition industry recognition. Cheers, cheers, shouts one after another.
Reporters at the scene learned that the "fourth China Tea Expo" because of its high professional level, influential industry, talent shows itself in many domestic exhibition, won the 2016 annual top ten China professional exhibition organizer "award; Xiamen Phoenix Creative Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. chairman Ms. Jiang Hongbing won the" China exhibition industry outstanding entrepreneur of the year 2016 the title. Phoenix Convention and Exhibition executive vice president Wang Hui attended the ceremony.

China Tea Expo, "four years grinding sword to grind away the tea"

As approved by the Ministry of agriculture only a professional tea Tea Expo exhibition, China from its inception adhere to the Ministry of agriculture of our country tea made of high quality and efficiency, price, brand, the world's best-selling world well-known industry "," cultivating large enterprises and brands "to seek an important measure to promote the marketing of tea products foster, shaping the brand of tea, tea culture, promote the inheritance and promotion of tea industry quality and efficiency and to increase farmers' income, to guide the healthy and sustainable development of tea industry China has important practical significance and effect.

On October 28, 2016 -31, by the Ministry of agriculture and agricultural products development service center of the United Chinese Association of agricultural products quality development services, China Tea Research Institute, Chinese Tea Association and cross-strait Tea Association hosted the fourth session of China Tea Expo in Ji'nan perfect ending. The general assembly to "brand, quality and safety" as the theme, held a forum, the development of supply and demand of tea industry will meet the 20 key activities, build tea industry development achievements display platform, service platform, docking platform marketing and brand promotion platform. Compared with the previous exhibition, this exhibition invited professional customers, local government group, the proportion of the number of times of the exhibition activities were the most of history.
    Four years of grinding sword, so far our tea. After four years of careful nurturing, Tea Expo attraction is constantly expanding, industry driving ability and social influence growing, has become one of the professional exhibition of tea varieties of the most complete, the most representative of China's existing tea exhibition exhibition.
    "The fourth Chinese Tea Expo" won the "2016 annual top ten Chinese professional exhibition award, is the industry of the conference organizing committee growth and job approval. This honor belongs to the whole industry, belongs to the development of China's tea industry to contribute to the relevant departments, tea research institutions, and each tea company, each person. Looking forward to the new year with our industry partners together again China Tea Expo, a scented tea!

Glory bloom fifteen years, Phoenix Exhibition on the road

Phoenix Creative Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in conference, exhibition organization services, is one of the earliest independent contractors large conference and exhibition enterprises in Xiamen, the Xiamen Exhibition Industry Association governing units.
    Since the company was established in 2001 by the chairman of miss Jiang Hongbing in the beautiful island of Xiamen, has experienced fifteen years. The company spirit of "service industry, common development" will do the concept, with its professional exhibition team, detailed the enormous information resources and improve the service system, and successfully undertake organized medicine, health care products, agriculture, pesticide, automotive and other industry leading exhibition, to build an effective image display, information exchange, market the development platform for the enterprises in the industry. Fifteen years of temper before the trip, Phoenix continues to grow, with plump wings to fly farther and better in the future!