Don't forget the 15 years [] glory and dream before the beginning of the heart

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2017 calendar quietly turn a new page
January 5th of this year
The mood is different from the past
Here not only has 2016 of the rich fruits
Also pregnant with the future of infinite hope

For this gathering time

Colleagues in Shandong, Ji'nan

Fatigued by a long journey through

Break through obstacles

All the means of transport except for ships and spaceships

Finally arrived in Xiamen on the morning of 5

For this unique event

We have a joyous gathering across the numerous hills and streams!


First Year-end summary

Pool: Seed & Corn Club

Opportunities and challenges coexist

Clear division of labor, efforts to move forward

Small seed, big world

Lee: Shandong plant protection double intersection

Time sharing, mutual exchange of needed products

Deep partition, breakthrough

Li total: Shandong Animal Husbandry Expo

Open up overseas markets

The main activities of the specialized research conference

Xie Zong: Shandong Agricultural Fair

A new project

Two combination of development, opening up a new model

Zheng Zong: China Tea Expo

Four years of grinding sword, Li Cha Xiangyuan

Thousands of tea enterprises poly springs,

Ji'nan can not drink all over the country famous tea

Liao total: Public Art Exhibition

external and internal cultivation

Home service gratifying results

Yang Zong: Customer Service Center

Traveled to Qilu and surrounding tea, seed market

Bring endless business resources

High total: China double intersection of Heilongjiang plant protection & plant protection double intersection

With luxuriant foliage

Two sessions are the harvest year

In fifteen years, zero starting again

Second Staff style

Lai Qingfeng: learning, details, gratitude, learning, fine, grace, the three words through his Phoenix in the 5 year

Chai Pingping: the fertile soil of the Phoenix and carefully nurtured, so that we can grow small trees so strong

Wang Shanhao: always humble gratitude, down-to-earth dedication, every effort for Phoenix.

Daniel Chan: Thanks, continue to learn from the predecessors diligently taught low attitude, learning experience, good service

Yan Yuyan: as the new Department, injection of fresh blood, Phoenix tomorrow adds a touch of color

Third 2017 personnel appointment

High total read in 2017 of each project team personnel arrangements, the next year is the highlight of the appointment of assistant project set up in the project, the main purpose is to further the project management work fine, while providing a better development platform for the employees.
Fourth Summary commendation

Excellent staff and team in the year 2016 is active in each stage will let us see gains honor, their demeanor!

Fifth Seniority Award

Time flies, after 15 years of time has gone, and we love the Phoenix filled with blood, with her for five years, ten years, fifteen years, accompanied, never abandon.

Sixth Don't forget the heart, dream on

Chairman Jiang Hongbing on the "don't forget to early heart, dream on" the theme of the annual meeting made a key report today, the Phoenix is still in the path to change the way, but we have seen the change results, tomorrow's Phoenix will not forget the early heart, dream forward, in the transformation of self quenching, full of infinite vitality even better!